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Static Electricity Science Kit

Static Electricity Science Kit

$ 24.05

Portable Van de Graaff generator, Fun-Fly-Stick, is now transparent and allows to see the inner workings of the wand plus the glowing corona discharge inside it. In the most comprehensive static electricity Science Kit by Unitech Toys Inc, the Fun-Fly-Stick, is equipped with more than just a Levitation Kit. The 25 pc Experiment Kit includes all the materials for the most exciting experiments with static charge: bending a thin stream of water, moving a conductive cylinder, "electric wind", an ion motor, powering a neon lamp, electrostatic adhesion, flying saucers, an electrostatic motor, the electrostatic drummer, the concept of induction, and the Leyden Jar.
  • 1 Transparent Portable Van De Graaff Generator
  • 1 Illustrated Detailed Experiment Guide
  • 10 pc Levitation Kit: "Large Sphere" x 2 Medium Sphere" x 2 "Large Ring" x 2 "Medium Ring" x 2 "Hourglass" x 2
  • 25 pc Experiment Kit

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