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Knotty Boy Tightening Gel 8oz / 230ml

Knotty Boy Tightening Gel 8oz / 230ml

$ 21.45

Size: 8 oz. Loose locks need a little tightening and TLC? Knotty Boy LockSteady Tightening Gel is what you've been waiting for. Utilizing the age-old lock-accelerating properties of pure Aloe Vera Gel and Citrus Oils and combined in a smoothie of Vitamins, Hemp Seed Oil and other good stuff for maximum hair repair, this great-smelling party-in-a-jar is a light, wash-out formula designed to tighten new and already-developed locks, and bring loose hair and frizzies under control instantly. And it's all natural! A lighter formula than Knotty Boy Dread Wax, this Gel is designed for use on both new and mature locks to accelerate the natural growth process, tighten hair and minimize lock frizzies!
  • Non-salt, Aloe-based Gel Tightens Without Breakage and Brittleness
  • Light, Wash-Out Formula
  • Say Good-bye to Frizzies
  • Heavenly Fresh Lime Scent

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