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Hummingbirds Spring House Flag

Hummingbirds Spring House Flag

$ 15.99

A pair of nearly iridescent Hummingbirds hover around the Crimson and Purple flower blossoms, that contain their nectar rich lunch, on a beautiful Spring Day. Celebrate the seasons of warmth and life with this bright & colorful flag; the Hummingbirds seem to come to life in flight as the flag waves in the breeze.
This colorful Springtime flag features bright artwork by Cory Carlson that can be enjoyed from either side of this House Flag.
Briarwood Lane's House flags are the ideal Full Sized flags; measuring 28" x 40" they make wonderful wall-hangings, and can be installed with ease on a flagpoles and other House Flag hardware using the sewn-in sleeve across the top of each flag. Original artwork is printed on premium and durable polyester that is both mildew and fade resistant to ensure these flags last long and bright!

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